Bill Pepitone was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, in a family of public servants. His father was a New York City Police Officer, Firefighter and Fire Marshal, His mother was a medical assistant, his uncle served as a detective with the NYPD Street Crime and Career Criminals Unit, and his grandfather served in the United States Navy. 

It was inevitable that Bill would answer the call to serve the people, In 1989, Bill Pepitone joined the New York Police Department. During his career, he was assigned to Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, Brooklyn South Task Force, and the NYPD Police Academy's Physical Training and Tactics Department. 

During Bill Pepitone’s 20 years with NYPD, he responded to many of the city’s most high-profile events; The Crown Heights riots, multiple Brooklyn Bridge and Tompkins Square Park takeovers, countless demonstrations and incidents of civil unrest, The World Trade Center attack of 9-11, and the FBI's arrest of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.


Throughout his career, Bill has been honored and recognized many times. To include being named Brooklyn South Police Officer of the Month, NYPD Medal of Commendation, Outstanding Community Service Award from the Morrisville Police Association, two-term Rotary Club President, Paul Harris Community Service and Fellowship Award, and the esteemed NYPD Honor Legion.


After Bill retired in 2009, It didn’t take long for Bill to know that he had to answer the call to serve again and be a voice for the people. Bill knew that with his experience and love of community, he must start his path in Politics. Bill has ran for Borough City Council seat and defeated a twenty-five-year Democratic incumbent. While serving on Council, he spearheaded a community fundraiser, that succeeded in purchasing new ballistic vests for the entire police department. He co-founded and coordinated a street hockey league for diverse youth population. He served on the Council's Emergency Services,  Joint School Board and Business Development Committees. 

In 2016, he was elected Rotary Club President, where he assisted in coordinating numerous local, national and global Rotary humanitarian projects.  Including the continuous efforts to eradicate polio and provide clean drinking water for areas in Peru, and fundraising efforts for the area school districts. 


Like most of us across the country, Bill Pepitone is devastated by what is happening to our Freedoms, our Livelihoods, our Businesses, and our Safety with our communities.  Bill realized that he must answer the call to serve the public again. He can’t sit by and watch the intentional destruction of America’s City, the City that never sleeps, Bill Pepitone's City; NEW York City! 


Bill is answering the call to serve the people of NYC.