“Bill Pepitone offers a fresh perspective in the Mayoral race. His understanding of law enforcement makes him an excellent choice to make NYC safe again.”


-Retired NYPD Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Patrol Wilbur Chapman




“Bill, You have my blessing and endorsement for your candidacy for Mayor of New York City. God bless and keep you safe and strong. Stand tall, Head high, Never back down"


-Retired NYPD Chief of Department Lou Anemone




"I am proud and honored to endorse Bill Pepitone for mayor of New York City. He is dedicated to public safety, financial growth, fairness and service. In my 38 years of service as an NYPD Chief, I am heartbroken to see what has happened to our city in these recent years, and most heartbroken for the crime victims who are suffering the most from the bad policies that got us here. We can get our city back, but it will take a drastic change in leadership, and I know the man who can do that is Bill Pepitone. His 30 years in law enforcement and public safety and his experience and government suit him well. He can lead us back to where we need to be and deserve to be."


-Retired NYPD Chief of Transit Joe Fox



The Brooklyn-Staten Island NYPD 10-13 Association