Hear from Bill as he addresses his friends and supporters directly about the issues facing us all.

This campaign will speak the language of real New Yorkers. Bill will reach out to the people of the city in his own words to share common sense solutions.

He was warned. 

During his first term in office, Mayor de Blasio began adding to the City’s workforce at a record rate. By 2017, nearly every city agency had more employees then they had in 2014, when New York made its first mistake by electing this man to office. (Goodman, NYTimes, 2017). 

New York City’s economy was booming. Crime was low, businesses were thriving and tourism was still riding the high set by the two previous administrations. But de Blasio overplayed the fortuitous hand he had been dealt.  “Increasing headcount brings added costs with it in the future,” said Nick Samuels, a senior credit officer and the author of a January 2017 report by Moody’s, the renowned financial services and credit rating agency. “Keeping up with that over time will require additional economic growth.”

The Mayor did not heed the warning. He continued to add to the workforce without the slightest bit of foresight or vision. Then COVID-19 hit, and each step thereafter by City Hall has been a colossal failure. 

de Blasio was slow to act during the pandemics early stages, dismissing the dangers and once again scoffing at warning signs. Once the numbers were dramatically decreased, he refused to loosen the ridiculous regulations placed upon businesses, especially restaurants and gyms, and sat idly by as people’s livelihoods fell apart in front of their eyes. He still refuses to allow indoor dining, has hesitated on gym reopenings, and presides over a lost and confused city. 

Then, of course, he allowed thousands to loot, commit arson, attack police officers and destroy commercial properties with impunity for weeks on end. Some of the worlds most famous retailers literally watched their establishments go up in flames. The City’s response? Legislation to further neuter the NYPD, the dismantling of effective policing units, the slashing of the NYPD budget, and the divisive graffiti the Mayor not only permitted but participated in. 

The message was clear. The City did not support its businesses. They refused to protect its investors. Mayor de Blasios actions and inaction intentionally crashed our economy.  Now, layoffs are to begin as early as Monday. The overstaffed workforce the Mayor was warned about will have to pay the price for his arrogance. The bloated, ineffective, cash hemorrhaging programs this Mayor put in place should be cut. But what about police officers, firefighters, teachers, EMTs, health care workers, sanitation workers, correction officers and others who stand on our front lines? They must now suffer the consequences, along with all of us who will be affected by cuts to essential services, because of this mans utter contempt for the working class? 

Before one frontline worker loses their livelihood, before our public safety and quality of life is further eroded, this Mayor needs to open up New York City now. Restore indoor dining, open up Broadway and businesses and get the City’s economy moving again. Fully repeal the ludicrous laws put in place that made it impossible for the police to do their jobs. Stop the violence cold and start protecting businesses before they all leave for good. Come up with a coherent plan to ensure the safe return of students and teachers to our schools so parents can continue to support their families while their children are being educated. Strip those elected officials who voted to defund the police of their security details, starting with Council Speaker Corey Johnson. Dismiss Ms. McCray’s useless fifteen member ‘staff’ that is costing taxpayers $2 million plus. Oh, and find the nearly $1 billion that she cannot account for and place that back into the city before one city worker is let go. 

Find it now, Mr. Mayor, because beginning November 2021, my administration will, and those responsible will be held accountable.

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Last week,  I had the opportunity to attend events in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. While there I met and spoke with so many wonderful people who truly love our city and their respective communities. They shared their concerns with me, many of which we all share. 


First and foremost, all were concerned about the violence, the shootings that have skyrocketed, and the handcuffing and disrespect of the NYPD by elected officials. They fear for their children’s safety, and demand more police presence in their neighborhoods. This is a far cry from what certain politicians and media outlets are feeding us. They sow division for political points and ratings. They are not New York City. 

Obviously parents are concerned about their children returning to school, and the teachers I spoke with voiced their concerns as well. What they are looking for is a coherent plan from City Hall that will protect students and teachers alike. They have yet to hear that plan because the City has none, even as the calendar inches closer to September. The Mayor must listen to parents and teachers and then make a bold decision that protects everyone. Of course, he has never done so before, because he is not New York City. 


Small business owners are watching their livelihoods be crushed under absentee, incompetent leadership. Restaurants and gyms, among others, sit shuttered while the Mayor has the audacity to state ‘there is no plan for reopening’, or ‘we’re not there yet.’  Families are being destroyed. People’s physical and mental health concerns are being ignored. We need to open these businesses safely and start moving forward. The Mayor doesn’t care, though, because he is not New York City. 


Many spoke about the Mayor’s threat to lay off 22,000 workers if the President refuses to bail out the de Blasio administration’s dreadful mismanagement of the City. I spoke to teachers, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, Correction Officers, School Safety Agents, Sanitation Workers and so many others who are the fabric of this city, who are now facing so much uncertainty while the Mayor’s wife flaunts her $2 million staff and ignores millions of ‘unaccounted for’ tax dollars. Our tax dollars. Ms. McCray is not New York City. 

The people I met and spoke with are truly New York City. They want safe neighborhoods and safe schools. They respect the police. They want to live the American Dream, the New York City dream, and build their small businesses so they can provide for their families. They are of every race, religion and ethnicity, and they all want the same. The most uplifting message I received from everyone was that they believe this can all be achieved again under the right leader, one who is New York City. 

Don’t let politicians or media types tell you anything different. Don’t listen to the rhetoric, or the cries that New York City is lost forever. Do not vote for those who have sat idly by while the City has been wounded, and do not stay home on Election Day. We’ve been down this road before and we’ve come back. 

WE are New York City.


I look forward to meeting and listening to more fellow New Yorkers this week and every coming week. I want to talk to you, because you matter. 

God bless and stay safe. 



On July 28th, 2020, I spoke with Daily News political reporter Shant Shahrigian for approximately twenty minutes. The interview was wide ranging, covering my law enforcement and political experience, the surge in violence within our city and how I will address it, the City Council's police reforms, 9/11 and our children's education. We spoke about how it is no longer about political party but about people and bringing all of New York City together. What ended up in print amounted to about ten percent of the interview and comes across a bit vague, so I'd like to clarify my stance on these issues.

First, as I've said here before, I strongly support proactive policing and the enforcement of quality of life crimes. Ignoring public intoxication, graffiti, vagrancy, fare evasion and loitering, among other 'low level' crimes, acts as a gateway to more violent crime. That, in essence, is the 'Broken Windows' theory, and for those who rebuke the theory, they have not been watching what's playing out in front of our eyes due to the De Blasio administration's see-no-evil approach over the last seven years.

Of course, there can be no proactive policing unless police officers are fully supported by City Hall and elected officials whose responsibility it is to keep people safe. That begins with repealing the ludicrous 'diaphragm law' which endangers officer's lives by making it virtually impossible to effect an arrest of a non-compliant or violent subject. Yes, I will do everything in my power to immediately repeal the City's weak and pandering police reforms.

The reporter asked if I would be going against the 'will of the people' by repealing the police reforms. This was not the will of the people, this was the will of violent criminals, anarchists and anti-cop politicians whom Corey Johnson and the City Council bowed down to.

As far as Stop and Question (also referred to as Stop, Question and Frisk, though the frisk portion of the tactic should only come into play if an officer suspects possession of a weapon or if reasonable suspicion rises to probable cause to arrest), it is an essential tool to effective policing if the tactic is not misused. Stop and Question cannot be used as a barometer to measure police officer's activity and performance. That places the police and civilians in a bad situation and causes friction in communities. The tactic, when used properly and lawfully, takes violent criminals and weapons off our streets and saves lives in every community, especially those plagued with gun violence.

If we refuse to see what's in front of our eyes, then our willful blindness will lead to our demise.

Thank you, God bless and stay safe.